While MGC specializes in web, print and online marketing, we strategically leap into a spectrum of approaches. We’ll hurdle endless tall buildings to help you reach your marketing goals.

Strategy & Planning {
This is the kryptonite of many businesses. You get it wrong and you might as well sit atop an iceberg or take a vacation to deep space. Whether your goals involve sales or customer support, you need a clear direction and a plan for reaching audiences that will best fit those goals.

Identity/Branding {
Our talented left- and right-brained crew brings you grounded insight and superior creative direction in developing your distinctive brand. We can help you establish a company image that resonates with your customers, and a personality that builds loyalty while generating sales.

Print {
Our designers are some of the best mouse masters and pixel pushers this side of the Mississippi. Together with our copywriting guru, we create everything from ads to annual reports – all with remarkably creative design and content. We dream up ideas that get noticed, get recognized and, best of all, get results.

Web {
Are you looking for more than just a digital brochure? An exceptional web site will produce sales, create relationships, automate business tasks, and serve as a vital source for a global audience. We'll work our magic with design and content - and our Clark Kent code geeks can move National Monuments. We swear that anything is possible.

Social Media {
Sure, we still perform great feats with traditional media - but we're also flying strong in the social media sky. You have countless options for reaching any audience now. From blogging to online networking tools, social media options add powerful new potential to your customer relationships and business growth.

Results, Measurement, Refinement {
As technology skyrockets, valuable new tools are able to track your marketing results. We use these tools to help you clarify goals, develop effective marketing plans and make smarter long-term decisions.

Sustainable Marketing {
Getting creative with marketing formats can save you big dollars. Our knowledge of both traditional and new media offer you new solutions that will save not only money, but also valuable resources. Another bonus: Consumers will appreciate your eco-friendly changes, and they’ll often thank you for it.

Pricing for Successful Results

“How much will it cost?”  The million-dollar question.

While each client has different needs and a different audience, the bottom line is that you need a budget, a plan and a strategy. We believe our consultation and ongoing direction is worth more than Batman’s cave – but we’re not out to make a killing. Truth is, we love what we do, and we are fair with our costs. We may not be the lowest bidder, but we just might save you the most money in the long run. We’ll offer you smart, creative, affordable approaches. You will see results from money well spent.

If you like the idea of honest, talented folks working hard in your best interests, we’d love to talk with you.

So, back to the numbers. Our rates range from $85-130 per hour. Below you’ll see ballpark time estimates of some typical marketing projects. These times are vastly unpredictable, of course, depending on the project. This just gives you a broad overview. Feel free to grill us about your specific needs.

  • Marketing Strategy/Budget Planning: Approximately 15 hours
  • Brand Identity: 20 - 30(+) hours
  • Stationery package: 6-15(+) hours + printing
  • Printing is priced once quantity & specifications have been established.
  • Basic ad campaign & creative: 5-35(+) hours
  • Time spent can vary greatly depending on client needs.
  • Ad production: 2-6(+) hours
  • Custom websites: 30 - 300 hours
  • Each of our websites is highly customized according to your unique needs—starting with simple, static 4-page html sites & ranging to full-blown business solutions. E-commerce can be done by developing a custom shopping cart, or with an off-the-shelf product.
  • Online Marketing/Submission: Approximately 5 hours
  • Basic web submission & optimization; additional options available.
  • Online Social Media: 20 - 40 hours per month
  • Priced on a monthly contract with a 6-month minimum. Number of hours may vary depending on needs, number of networks & press releases.
  • Email marketing: Setup: 8 Hours | Ongoing campaigns: 5+ Hours/month
  • We can set up an email template & program it. From there, you can either manage future mailings yourself, or we can create monthly content and mail on your behalf. Rates vary with complexity of template(s).
Design,  Identity,  Print,  Web,  Strategy,  Social Media.  Bring on the challenges.  We’ll help you reach heroic proportions.